Frequently Asked Questions

How does ForeArmed work?
The short answer: ForeArmed® was designed to optimize the benefits of counterforce dampening, an effective mechanism that dissipates traumatic forces concentrated on the tendinous origin and stimulates secretion of naturally occurring pain modulators to the target site.
Limitation of full contractile expansion of the musculotendinous unit decreases muscle force transmitted to the tendinous origin.

Incoming energy forces to the elbow are dampened by the Active Implant Elements that apply pressure to the extensor and triceps tendon insert sites.
The Active Pressure Elements that apply force over the insertion sites prevent the repetitive pathological insults of tendinosis by dissipating the energy wave traveling close to the insertion sites.

Shock absorbing components that fit over the medial and lateral epicondyles further counteract and dissipate shock and vibratory energy in the elbow.
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What are “Active Pressure Elements”?
Active Pressure elements are specified components incorporated into the ForeArmed brace designed to apply asymmetrical force to specific target sites to dampen incoming energy forces, stimulate secretion of naturally occurring pain modulators and dissipate local nerve energy waves.

How is acupressure involved?
It is believed that the Active Pressure elements stimulate the propagation and secretion of pain and healing modulators to the target sites (triceps insert point and forearm) much the way that acupressure meridians works.

Can ForeArmed be used on both right and left arms?
Yes. All ForeArmed braces are shipped ready for Right arm use. By simply moving the forearm Active Pressure tube from the Right to the Left arm fitment position as shown in the included Instructions for Use, the brace is ready for Left arm application.

How do I know when ForeArmed is positioned correctly on my arm?
You will feel the Left and Right epicondyle pads positioned directly over your Left and Right condyles at the elbow. The triceps Active Pressure tube will be positioned directly at the triceps insertion point at the back of your upper arm. The diamond shaped opening will be facing up exposing the inside of your elbow. See the Instructions for Use package insert that accompanied your ForeArmed brace.

How long will it take before I see improvement?
Some patients have reported relief or decrease of symptoms in as little as three days; others have taken longer. Due to the variety of arm pain indications addressed by ForeArmed and the extent of such injuries, it is not possible to specifically project a response time or whether or not the ForeArmed brace will help with your specific condition.

Are there different ForeArmed brace sizes?
Model FA-01 was designed for Universal Fit. The target population for this device is young adults and adults of small to large size. The engineering design approach allows for significant variations in forearm and upper arm size by utilizing the three (3) adjustment straps as shown in the Instructions for Use package insert.

Can I wear ForeArmed while sleeping?
Wearing of the ForeArmed elbow brace while sleeping is not recommended by BioBrace; your healthcare professional may propose such use during sleep depending on the exact nature of your condition and other factors. Please discuss this matter with your care provider.

Does BioBrace work directly with healthcare providers?
Yes. If you are a healthcare provider and would like to offer ForeArmed and our future products to you patients, please contact us at

Can my ForeArmed brace be cleaned?
Yes. You may hand wash your ForeArmed brace with a mild detergent until such time as the construction materials become unacceptably degraded. Be sure to remove the forearm Active Implant element prior to washing and re-insert it afterward.

Will my medical insurance pay for the ForeArmed brace?
Please discuss any reimbursement questions with your healthcare provider. The ForeArmed brace would be described as an Upper Limb Orthosis NOS, HCPC L3999.

Can ForeArmed help with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
ForeArmed was designed specifically to help with tennis elbow and other lower and upper arm pains. The anatomy and structural issues involved with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are different than tennis elbow / epicondylitis.

Stay tuned for our next product, BioBrace Restore™, designed to address Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

May I return my ForeArmed brace?
Your ForeArmed brace may be returned for a refund within 30 days of purchase, minus shipping and handling costs, as long as the factory seal has not been broken or altered and the packaging and product are in undamaged, as new condition.

Clinical Study showed 88% of patients had improvements of their symptoms.

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