M. Michael Shabot, M.D.

“(My) tennis elbow condition was very limiting to activities. I couldn’t turn a sticking door knob with my left hand, and I could barely hold a can of soda without great pain. Gripping anything with my hand caused terrific elbow pain... I contacted you right after the meeting and you shipped the brace by express delivery. I spent a little time reading the instructions, then I put it on. It felt a little odd on my arm at first, but the amazing thing is that I could immediately grip with my left hand without pain. I could actually grab something tightly and there was essentially no pain... But the most amazing thing is that within a few days of beginning to use the brace, my elbow felt better even without the brace. My grip got better and pain steadily decreased to the point that I barely noticed it at all, even when I am grabbing or holding something strongly, and without the brace on my arm. Thanks again.”

Mike Strong

“As an active forty-five year old I’ve found the BioBrace ForeArmed to be an absolutely necessary piece of equipment in all my activities. I put a lot of strain on my right elbow with boxing, fencing, golfing and playing tennis. I don’t think I could compete in all these varied sports without a heavy duty brace like the ForeArmed. Its sturdiness and active stabilization keeps my tendons from getting too inflamed and forcing me to cut back on the sports I love. Great job on a super piece of equipment that allows all us aging weekend warriors to keep competing in any sport or activity we choose.”

Ann Symonds

“I am very happy to tell you that I believe the brace has helped me tremendously. I am almost entirely pain free now and I continue to work with my trainer 3x a week and play golf on the weekends. I have not had any further medication beside the initial cortisone injection and the early course of oral NSAIDS.”

Carson McGarrity

“The pain started about two months ago while I was outside throwing the “tennis” ball for my dog. Over the next few days, the pain became so unbearable I would experience waves of nausea. I’d be in the middle of typing a proposal on the computer and the pain would hit, like a bolt of lightning had struck my elbow and shot straight through my arm. I emailed Steve and the next day the Biobrace was on the way. My recovery regimen included the Biobrace and I feel a million times better!”

Clinical Study showed 88% of patients had improvements of their symptoms.

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BioBrace products, with their patented dynamic “Pressure Point” elements apply targeted force to specific nerve and muscle pathways achieving the desired therapeutic result for:

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